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january 17, 2017, huang yongyu, a master of traditional chinese painting and chinese studies, held a media briefing on the chinese zodiac exhibition at the national museum in beijing. the theme was "12 months". in addition to media and artists, many fans of mr. huang's work have been invited to join, including xu jiegen, chairman of hengfu tea culture co.

huang yongyu, born in changde, hunan province in 1924, was a self-taught art and literature student. he began to publish his works at the age of 14. he is known as the "ghost talent" in the painting world and is now a professor at the central academy of fine arts. in 1956, huang yongyu wood carvings was published. his representative works, "spring tide" and "ashima", caused a stir in chinese painting circles. he has held exhibitions of paintings in australia, germany, italy and the mainland of china and hong kong, and has won the commander-in-chief award for his artistic achievements.

from 2006 to 2017, the year of the dog, year of the dog, year of the dog, year of the dog, year twelve months, and year twelve months of the zodiac of mr. huang yongyu. at the meeting, someone asked huang lao whether to draw the lunar calendar, huang lao replied: no, old age, i am afraid that the painting will not be finished and leave regret. among the chinese zodiac animals, mr. huang said that he liked cows the most and that he liked the spirit of hard work and hard work, which represents positive energy. huang lao's works are sometimes hilarious and thought-provoking, but they convey a positive energy.

fenghuang shuixiang, xiangxi, is an essential element of mr. huang's creation. even though he has walked through many places over the years, he has never forgotten his hometown for a moment. for example, memory of hometown contains a deep attachment to home town. "chicken company commander" chronicles the scene of mr. huang's encounter 80 years ago. the fierce chicken can't help but think of a classic skit: "lay the eggs, cock, fighter in the rooster!" old mr. huang said: "home for decades, but can't finish, can't say forever." at the meeting, mr. huang said of his hometown: "phoenix town is a 17-year-old girl who has not washed her face." in his eyes, the phoenix has a little girl's pure and natural appearance, sometimes naughty, to his face smeared with a variety of colors. although change is constant, he has a consistent affection for his hometown.

according to chen, curator of the national museum, mr. huang created a series of teapots in 2016, and his creative ability and desire are very strong. xu jiegen, chairman of heng fu, also a close friend of tao cha, asked, "i wonder under what circumstances did mr. huang tie the knot with the tea pottery?" old mr. huang smiled and answered, "while chatting with friends one day, i overheard a purple teapot." he says many of the world's biggest hits began with talking to friends. for example, hitler, herman goering and goebbels together can make a mess of the world; genghis khan told his subjects that the world was so big that he wanted to see it, so he began to fight on the battlefield. huang lao pays attention to the interest to stimulate the creation inspiration, everything random. the design concept of hengfu company is similar to that of huang laoyi's. if his works are combined with tea pottery, it can be really interesting to drink tea and draw with his head down in the future. mr. xu jiegen, president of hengfu, said he hoped to have more opportunities to communicate with mr. huang in the future, and to collide with more tea pottery creation inspirations in the exchange.

ten thousand wild flower person dream, attack qing yi he tang, so the huang old "wan hu tang" is not false at all. old mr. huang is also known as the "lotus fool", personally designed the "wan hu tang". after the meeting, xu jiegen, chairman of hengfu group, presented huang lao, a traditional lotus-style wen bowl of dong ru kiln. host ru kiln inherits the essence of ru kiln, and the lotus-style wen wan is the classic representative of ru kiln. in addition, the lotus hot bowl is also a treasure of the taipei forbidden city. huang lao was very happy when he saw this bowl. "it's special!" he said. "beautiful colour!" modern chinese painting of the taidou with the classic of chinese traditional arts and crafts, is really wonderful. xu jiegen, chairman of hengfu group, also shared his feelings: "walking with a wise man and reaping much." he hoped that he and huang laoliang can work together to pass on the tea pottery culture together, causes it to spread more widely.

in 12 years, 12 years of persistence, only today the national museum of the twelve zodiac animals exhibition. old mr. huang, though over 100 years old, is still full of energy and vision. one can't help but expect more from his future works.

here i wish the "12 months" exhibition a complete success, huang old body healthy, creative passion is inexhaustible.

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